Are there too many lies in the fitness industry?

For those of you who know our content partner Kenny K.O. – you know that a big part of his channel is to call out fake weights and photoshopped athletes. He doesn’t mince words when he calls specific athletes out and that’s why his following continues to grow. People like his blunt honesty. But what you’ll also notice is that this is a sort of pattern behind his channel. It’s the fact that he is able to make SO MANY videos calling out fake weights and photoshop that is starting to disturb even Kenny himself.

Photoshopping has always existed in magazines… but now that powerful photo editing and computer technology can fit right in the palm of our hands, photoshop is now the norm in something as simple as Instagram pictures and social media posts. So has this led to the fitness industry becoming too fake?

That’s what Kenny K.O. is trying to figure out in his latest video. He laments a time when the fitness industry was about health, training, nutrition, and advice on how to transform your body and life. And while we here at Generation Iron believe that is still the case for the most part – it is interesting to hear Kenny’s points in this video. Are there too many people taking a shortcut towards fitness success by simply photoshopping their body to perfection? Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

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