Dennis James still has a little hope he’ll get a message from Kai saying he’ll return to bodybuilding.

For any doubters that Kai Greene was The People’s Champ – it’s been years since he has retired from competitive bodybuilding and people are still asking if he’ll return to Olympia. Year after year after year. That’s a true testament to his popularity and the passion fans held for his persona and physique.

The best part about it all? Experts, athletes, and judges all hope for Kai Greene’s return as well. Case in point, a recent video posted by Dennis James answering fan questions, and compiled here by content partner Fazi Fitness, Dennis was asked if he thinks Kai will return to Olympia this year. Dennis James answers cautiously but still holds out hope. There’s still a part of him that thinks it is possible.

Of course, anything is possible – but the odds become increasingly unlikely with each passing year. Check out the full video above and let us know if you think he’ll come back in the comments!

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