Meet Steve Laureus – aka “Mr. Propahhh.”

While the highlight of the Pittsburgh Pro 2018 was on the epic guest posing from the best pros in the IFBB. There was another amazing battle going on in the form of Classic Physique. Steve Laureus, also known as Mr. Propahhh, landed a first place victory after much hype across bodybuilding publications and the internet. Could Steve be the next big threat in Classic Physique at the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia competitions? According to Steve – absolutely.

Get to know the man behind the muscle and see why you should keep your eyes on this competitor throughout the rest of 2018. Like many bodybuilders, Steve only steps on stage with the mindset that he will win. That goes for every competition. Will he be able to take down the current champ, Breon Ansley? Steve won’t even consider anything less. Check out the full interview above.


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