Why is this bodybuilder so ANGRY?

Bodybuilding stereotypes always run rampant in mainstream media. To “regular people,” we are just ‘roided up meatheads – dumb and wanting to fight someone.

That’s not really true about the bodybuilding community. But this guy doesn’t help matters. Anyone knows why is he so upset? Or why he is raging?



  1. Napoleon complex – still can’t get over being small and insignificant at some point in his life – the reality is, psychologically, he’s a coward and would run if confronted by someone even a little smaller.

  2. I only made it about 20 seconds in, but I’m guessing that he’s looking to star in pose for pay video chats, based on his “onesie” and posturing. No doubt that he’ll find some schmoes to pose for

  3. This guy is the type of employee who goes postal and masacres 20 people in a post office because his girlfriend left him for another guy. One creepy son of a bitch…..this prick needs to be monitored by the authorities

  4. I would bet you anything that this guy made this video IN CHARACTER as part of an application / interview process for some wrestling organisation and everyone is losing their shit over nothing.

  5. My take is that he’s trying to act, he’s defiantly disciplined and dedicating to training, you can clearly see that. I think he’s just trying to act in front of a camera. If he’s being serious, he suffers from low self-esteem.

  6. Stop hating! He’s got a great physique! And some of u haters that look close enough like him ur probably on the juice as much or if not less then this dude. U may aswell hate on urself too then

  7. He is just advertising his services, there are a lot of men who will pay money to watch bodybuilders you do weird stuff on video, back in the day kai greene make good money having sex with grapefruits, watermelons etc.

  8. He should get in the octagon with somebody his same weight, i don’t understand he should try the ufc, so he can take all that bushit back into his ass

  9. Lmao, is this dude serious? While wearing a onsie, he’s talking about how he can beat somebody’s ass? If this roided out fuck boy doesn’t go sit his ass down somewhere lmao.

  10. Also, who is the camera man filming this dumb ass & encouraging him? I bet the first fight he got into after building up all that size, he got knocked the fuck out.

  11. Just because can publish some kind of content doesn’t mean you should. Biggest waste of time ever. It’s a week before Mr. Olympia LLC. Talk about the competitors. Give them some shine time.

  12. You guys are dumb and sick in the head – this is a g4p video, do you guys not check your shit? You guys are so sad. Then you try to make some correlation between bodybuilding and anger. This is a gay for pay vid/domination type thing. What a joke you’ve become!!! PLUS YOU’VE ALREADY POSTED IT and people told you then what it was. lmao wow!

  13. He doesn’t represent bodybuilding. Nor is he an example of someone that uses steroids. He’s just an asshole who likes to talk shit and full of himself. Why I have no idea. If he truly wanted to fight someone he would just go do it. But he’s a coward and only talks the shit he does in front of a camera phone. If he had to actually fight he would lay down like the bitch he is. Calling him a bodybuilder is just a disgrace to the sport. If he wants to be a fighter join MMA. Oh wait he would actually have to fight and get his ass handed to him. My bad. Dumb ass.

  14. Generation Iron, it’s Mr. Olympia LLC week and you’re showing gay muscle domination porn and saying it has something to do with testosterone? Seriously GI, have some class. Everything since the original Generation Iron movie has been a joke and now you post classless muscle domination gay porn the week of the O? Not just any O, the O where Phil Heath can tie Arnolds record. Do you think that may be a better story to talk about than gay porn vids? I feel bad for this guy, he’s just a bodybuilder with a dream trying to make ends meet just like Kai Greene was at one point with the grape fruit and now you all blew up his spot and exposed him to the bodybuilding community and probably ruined any chances he had at making it in the fitness industry, oh well, I guess he’ll have to stick to gay porn now. Way to think things through and take care of our bodybuilding community by putting them in positive light GI.

  15. Dudes a fucking pussy. First off, he probably got picked on, and that’s why he took roids. And second of all I’d whoop this dudes ass. He is talking to a camera like a bitch, he should say this to someone’s face and see what happens.

  16. That’s was a waste of my time .. only got through half and had to shut it down … some dumb ass talking to his cell phone like a hard ass …. the only hard ass there is the one he wants pumped…. why post this shit … this clown needs to be bitch slapped …. he is no body builder .. he is a joke !

  17. He’s a whimp with a camera met a few of those idiots. Confront them alone and they run off like a little bitch. He’s not a bodybuilder his a guy that never had a punch in the mouth he would shut up pretty fast

  18. Unliked and unfollowed this page. The guy on that video which by the way is from 2006 was a cool guy and this was a performance for a certain marketplace. Generation Iron is being run by amateurs, who care little by actual bodybuilding and sport. Olympia week and they dig out a 12 year old video gay4pay. Plus if you see it it’s actually quite tame. Pure clickbait.

    • true. but when he gets that one good hit you know your going down. also most of them dont need to throw hands. just cover, run towards person, and pick him up and put him down hard. i do like how they say most of them but there many videos that show them dropping lile flies. yes there are some who can take any man down using their weight against them. but not many.

  19. This is so stupid, I’ll never forget being at a tough man competition and watching guys like this get manhandled buy guys that rarely if ever step foot in a weight room… Other side is this… If you step to anyone where I am from, it’s 99% chance u won’t need to worry about their fists, they are packing and WILL take your life…. Muscles don’t stop lead….

  20. Bodybuilder like you can only fight and heat low tier fighter and basic people, but would lost to Powerlifter, stronger Bodybuilder, strong man, mid tier fighter and above. Sumo is likely to beat you too.

  21. This is what steroids and an over inflated ego / grandiose self delusions from very high levels of male sex hormone do to a man who can not tolerate the side effects of being on so much gear

  22. Aaaaand we’re BACK ladies and gentlemen with the GI SPECIAL G4P POSTS!! Not sure that you’re reading the pulse of your audience correctly but I don’t think they come here for g4p. I must say you guys do this TOO often for it to be ignorance, I guess you’re thinking most of the audience wants this! I’m hedging that they DON’T but you guys have a CRACK SOCIAL TEAM – that MUST know what they’re doing. If you people don’t seriously GET YOUR SHIT together the slow death of GI will continue and a once promising company will cease to exist.

  23. This looks to me like he is acting out how his father treated him, probably abused as a child which led to him to get as big as he could as a defense mechanism against his dad but in the process he BECAME what he hated so much…


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