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Looks like his arms exploding wasn’t enough to stop the synthol mania.

Sometime back we reported on a Russian teen who became addicted to synthol, particularly using it on his biceps, to create disgustingly deformed massive arms. Soon after his arms exploded from abuse of the substance… and that was the end of that.

Or so we thought. It appears that the synthol kid is back and his arms are as ballooned as ever… but now he also sports a brand new look. Covered with glitter on his chest and wearing a wig (or perhaps simply growing out his hair). The synthol kid is now appearing publicly as a woman.

That’s about all we know from this latest video by our content partner Williams Fitness. We’re not sure if he is in transition as a transgender or simply cross dressing. What we do know is that the ballooned synthol arms are back. They are disgusting and more importantly – they are a health hazard. Check out the comparison video above.

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