Synthol use at it’s worse.

Most avid bodybuilders have gone in depth about their hatred for synthol. It’s viewed as a completely unnatural method of trying to get big. In some cases the synthol use is so extreme that a person can begin to look like a freak of nature. It’s something that no one should consider.

Unfortunately not everyone heeds the call and will utilize synthol regardless of the danger or advice from others. What’s even worse is when uninformed teenagers get a hold of the stuff. Take a look at the video for some unfortunate examples of teens using synthol.

What’s your opinion on synthol use?

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  1. Doesn’t this count as body shaming? I mean if we’re suppose to do that body positive bullshit for fat people why is it ok to make fun of synthol users? They aren’t hurting anyone except for maybe themselves and if it helps them look the way they want or give them confidence who are we to make fun of them?

    • Cause they aren’t working hard for their “gains” and are promoting an absolutely horrific and unhealthy way of fitness. This isn’t an industry built for people with safe spaces lol.

    • Briana Grant Do people who inject synthol do so believing they are “promoting fitness?” I’d argue they don’t care about promoting fitness and are doing it simply for reasons of vanity. I’m not anti-steroid but I don’t think injecting steroids or taking certain supplements really “promote fitness” either. Certainly much of the bodybuilding lifestyle doesn’t promote a healthy lifestyle. Finally what is the difference between a person injecting synthol to increase their arm size or a woman getting breast or butt implants to increase size?

    • One of the differences being a breast implants is it’s surgically done by professionals in a sterile and safe environment where as this is new and horrific for your body done in an unsanitary environment without any guidance.

    • This is not a case of body shaming, its showing the effect of such a horrible drug that does bad things, its the problem now days no one wants to work at there gains, always the quick fix but at what cost looking like some deformed freak.

  2. This shit is a joke
    This is not bodybuilding
    This is dumb lazy asses that don’t know how to lift
    Only thing they are know is how to lift a needle
    Generation iron
    Need to stop posted this shit

  3. There is more than enough evidence/footage out there of the people that have used synthol to put most people off for life, but some still turn to it, this is so confusing. I have never seen a single pic/video of someone that’s on synthol and looking good.

  4. I’ve seen this page go from such a positive and happy environment to posting grotesque and disturbing negativity.

    Albeit Synthol is gross, and a bodybuilders death is sad. It seems like the page has literally been talking about death disease and anything in between.

    How about some workout tips how about some pump up stuff and motivational videos?

    You guys all rock and I love training, I just would love to see this sport in its glory not the dirty side of it.


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