Watch The Arnold Classic 2020 Finals Replay

Arnold Classic 2020 replay: Watch the Men’s Open Finals.

The Arnold Classic 2020 Men’s Open finals have come to a close and an official winner has been announced. For those who haven’t had a chance to watch the finals and want to discover the champion during the replay, we will avoid stating the winner in this article. For those interested, you can visit our official results page here. This year’s Men’s Open category has been widely considered one of the best in recent memory for the Arnold Classic competition. How did they do in the final round of the competition?

For those who didn’t watch along with the live stream of the Arnold Classic Saturday finals, the Arnold Sports Festival have the full finals night available to watch on replay. We’ve set it to start right where the action begins for the Men’s Open finals individual posing routines and comparisons – you can check it out right here.

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The Men’s Open finals round was the last chance for these impressive athletes to impress the judges. There was very little time between the prejudging and finals round – but the past has shown that some improvements can make or break a competitor’s placement one or two spots.

The prejudging ended with a top 4 comparison between Steve Kuclo, Dexter Jackson, Big Ramy, and William Bonac. Bonac and Ramy ultimately stood in the center spots. The finals provided another chance for the competitors to go through individual posing routines – but the final comparison round is where the real excitement started.

The judges ultimately landed with one last top 3 comparison lineup consisting of Big Ramy, William Bonac, and Dexter Jackson. But things got a little more tricky – with the judges switching out each of these three competitors into the middle spot. Perhaps this was just the judges attempts to throw audiences off the scent and leave more room for surprise during the awards announcement.

In the end, it appeared that William Bonac remained the most consistent competitor of the top 3. Though it should be noted that he did seem to fade a bit towards the end, giving Dexter Jackson a chance to perhaps overtake Bonac and earn a big win. While Big Ramy did get placed in the middle at one point during the final callout – it seemed clear he would likely land a third place victory.

So who became the Arnold Classic 2020 champion? Head over to our results page to find out or watch the full Saturday night finals recap above!

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