Could this be the best bodybuilding motivation featuring the juggernaut Dorian Yates?

For most bodybuilding fans, Dorian Yates would appear in a top ten list of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. There’s no doubt about it – with six Mr. Olympia wins and a physique that ushered in the new era of mass monsters, Dorian Yates is as legendary as they come. But it’s one thing to simply know that information… and another thing to feel that legendary status all of these years later. That’s why Raiden Motivation has put together what might be the best bodybuilding motivation video that focuses on Dorian Yates that we’ve ever seen.

Don’t just know about Dorian Yates’ accomplishments – experience them in this heavily edited and momentous video that will rattle you to the bone and make you want to become the next Dorian Yates. Check it out above.

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    • Andrew Harris not in same league as Dorian. His physique was on another level at the time he competed and his conditioning was insane. He also had the best work ethic and I don’t think there has been a bodybuilder before or since who devoted themselves to maximise their potential as he did. Look up London Real interviews/film they did with him. It’s an amazing insight into his life


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