One final sneak peek to get you hyped before the release of Ronnie Coleman: The King.

We are four days away from the worldwide release of Ronnie Coleman: The King and we are just as excited to unleash it upon the world as we hope you are to watch it. There is no doubting that Ronnie Coleman is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, bodybuilder to ever live – and so it is only fair that an in depth documentary about his legendary career and his current post-retirement life memorialize his greatness.

It also goes without saying that Ronnie Coleman was one of the most intense and strongest weight lifters to ever exist in bodybuilding. This is an impressive feat as bodybuilding is not strictly about strength and power – but about the quality and look of a physique.

So it only makes sense that our final trailer focuses on the intensity and the strength of Ronnie Coleman. A breakneck fireburst of a trailer that will not only get you hyped up to see the film – but also motivate you to pull off some Ronnie Coleman style lifts in your next workout. Check out the full trailer above.

You can now PRE ORDER Ronnie Coleman: The King today by clicking on the banner below or right here. Available on VOD June 22, 2018!

Ronnie Coleman The King Pre Order Generation Iron


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