The jaw dropping quads of Bakhar Nabieva.

Kenny K.O. has long since made a name for himself calling out photoshop fitness liars and fake weight deceivers. But in one of his more recent videos – Kenny K.O. is calling out bodybuilder Bakhar Nabieva for her unbelievable and completely photoshop free quads. These are legs that would make Tom Platz proud – it’s the kind of insane proportions that you see in Chun-Li on Street Fighter. That is to say, these are completely unreal quads that shatter reality. Don’t just take our word for it – check out Kenny K.O.’s highlight video showcasing just how jaw dropping these quads are and how he already put her Instagram and YouTube account to the test and found no signs of photoshop. Watch the full video above!

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  1. I just would give anything to propose to her and have my pants down along with hers as we make sweet love!! Just sayin. I can care less if she was using, bottom line is she is amazingly beautiful and sexy as hell!!

  2. The pics of her legs are not consistent, in the videos of her (doing lunges, & leg extensions) her legs do not look huge at all. Her hamstrings are not proportional to her quads (especially when they look bigger). The dude on the video talks way more than showing us her legs, and no, she’s definitely not Tom Platz. He was huge from every angle. I wouldn’t watch this guys videos because he talks too much and inserts little tidbits of the headline he promotes. Don’t waste you time. Look her up online if you want.

  3. That’s great and all but seeing her arms and shoulders here shows that we’re gonna need a new meme besides “never forget leg day” see so many women in the gym with great lower half but absolutely nothing upper half. Make proportions look terrible


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