Ric Drasin talks judging on the stage vs judging in the gym.

Bodybuilding is a sport about building the best physique. As such, this means that the competition portion of bodybuilding isn’t about scoring traditional points and winning a show via knock out, or goals scored, etc. It’s about being judged. Something closer to a pageant. Yes, this is often seen as a dirty word but it’s the truth. One core aspect of a bodybuilding competition is the judgement of bodies.

Since this is a sport about judging a person’s physique on stage – it becomes pretty common for the populous to judge physiques all the time. In the gym, in the off season, even judging other people’s physiques who are in no way a competitive bodybuilder but just enjoy working out and building muscle. Judgement is a major part of the bodybuilding lifestyle as a whole.

Ric Drasin breaks down the difference between judging on the stage vs judging in the gym – and how he believes there are some dangerous precedents to being so judgmental of physiques beyond the actual competitions themselves. Check it out in his latest video above!

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