Ric Drasin breaks down the key ways to improve your results greatly in your physique.

Everyone is looking for the quick tricks or tips to get an edge on the competition. Especially in this internet era with information coming to us faster than ever before – we want instant gratification. This leads to many believing there must be a “secret” that we are missing to become better, stronger, more successful. This affects all walks of life – and certainly has affected bodybuilding.

But the truth is there is no “secret” or quick tip that can overhaul your entire bodybuilding success. Bodybuilding is about dedication and consistency. It’s about the long game and how we can transform our body and life through willpower and focus. Ric Drasin knows this better than most. An old school bodybuilder who trained with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu.

So today Ric isn’t going to share with you any secrets. Instead he is going to emphasize the key elements to achieve greater results in bodybuilding. This won’t be one tip that will transform your life – but instead an in depth look into how you will have to work hard to (perhaps) change your values to succeed in ways you haven’t yet. Check it out above!

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