Strong, sexy, and motivational as hell.

We live in a very controversial world right now with hot button issues constantly boiling over the surface due to the immediate public forum of social media and the internet in general. This is now an era of the #MeToo movement and challenging the gender norms in America and across the world. It’s comforting then that when it comes to weight lifting – everyone is on an even playing field – and there are plenty of strong and powerful women in bodybuilding and fitness to prove it.

That’s why Varyjer Motivation has put together this epic motivational supercut showcasing some of the most intense and strongest women in the world… and doing what they do best – lifting heavy ass weight like a boss. No matter who you are, this video will inspire you to lift some massive weight. It’s speaks to the very core of all fitness endeavors – with hard work anyone can achieve the goal they desire and transform their body and life. Check it out above!

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