This bodybuilder goes all out for a massive Thanksgiving cheat day.

It’s Thanksgiving and while it might be a bit different this year – many around the country are still gathering with family and friends to sit down and gorge on food until they fall asleep. But for fitness obsessives this time of the year is a challenging crossroad. Do you give in and have a cheat day or do you play it smart and eat healthy on this big food holiday?

For bodybuilders this can be a little less challenging if it’s the off season. This is the perfect time to bulk up anyways. That seems to be how bodybuilder Houston Jones sees things in this epic video of him preparing and eating an entire 20 pound turkey by himself. It’s the ultimate Thanksgiving cheat meal and one that might make you sick just to watch.

But perhaps if you are starving yourself this holiday, watching Jones scarf down this massive bird is the perfect way to feel a little bit better about the food your not eating. Check it out above!

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