Seemingly out of nowhere – Breon Ansley became the king of Classic Physique.

In 2018, Breon Ansley cemented his place as a true Classic Physique champion. Yes he had won the Mr. Olympia the year before – but continuing to hold his champion status at the throughout 2018 showed that things weren’t going to slow down for him. The moment he turned around and showed one of the most incredibly shredded backs in bodybuilding history – he cemented himself not just as a champion but a king. The video above put together by Varyjer Motivation showcases the very best of Breon and showcases more than words why he’s earned that title. Check it out above!

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  1. It would be cool if Calum von Moger would take a shot at competing again serious. I realize he has other opportunities he is pursuing and I can’t blame him but as a fan of the sport it’s definitely a wish of mine


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