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Lightweight Baby.

The above quote is probably my favorite from any bodybuilder or person in general. It says so much in so little. Before you take the weight off the rack, it’s a warrior cry saying that I will not be defeated. It tells the world that no matter what lies ahead it is insignificant compared to my will and testament. That’s the stuff that champions are made of baby – get some. But there I go getting emotional again.


Despite all the fancy words and inspirational quotes, a leader, an icon, has to leader by example…he must do. The very word lead means to “go first”. Now it’s no secret that Big Ron Coleman has been leading by example – winning the Mr. Olympia title 8x in a row, holding the most wins for an IFBB pro at 26, but what continues to baffle is that even at 52 he’s still paving the way for the bodybuilding community, and he’s still fitter than you!

Check out this inspirational video of Ronnie Coleman then and now, and though he might not be as big physically, the will of a champion never fades, it just gets more precise. When you love something you don’t just die for it, you live for it too. If this video doesn’t make you want to do something you’ve been putting off for a long time, we don’t know what will. The time is now. Go get it.

What did you think of the video, did it make you want to go out there and lift some heavy ass weights? Hit us up with you favorite part below!

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