Tony Pearson is still a beast at age 60!

If you were paying attention to bodybuilding in the 1980s then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Tony Pearson. Back in the day he was known as “The Michael Jackson of Bodybuilding” and was a pretty well known and respected figure on the competitive stage.

While he may have retired from professional competition, it doesn’t mean that Tony Pearson has shyed away from training at all. Even in his advanced years he still has maintained an incredible physique. The video posted by Zem Fitness showcases the 60 year old bodybuilder still training hard and putting in the work into the gym.

What do you think of “The Michael Jackson of Bodybuilding” Tony Pearson?

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  1. The Michael Jackson of bodybuilding looks to have turned into the Errol Brown of bodybuilding lol. Tony Pearson looks absolutely awesome at 60?

    • while of course it’s not healthy, it’s not necessarily unhealthy either. Side effects are so minimal, other than estrogen/prolactin control, that herbs can be used most the time to counter them.

      They don’t cause cancer

      They don’t cause a well-tempered person to become a psychopath

      They don’t destroy organs(oral anabolics are cycled briefly because the strain they can put on the liver) or rot your insides or even assist in muscle gains that aren’t real(other than sometimes some water weight)

      They don’t shrink your dick(seriously?)

      Too much misinformation and propaganda regarding anabolic steroids exists, my only purpose on these sites is to advocate their responsible use and stop the mayhem based on bs media and afterschool specials where they turn a cool-headed 17 year old into a bloodthirsty maniac capable of murderous rampages. It’s just so ridiculous. And the only reason it exists is because we’ve been spoonfed that they are the devil since middle school.

    • He is in his 60s already. He wasnt one of the juice monsters and took care of his body. He will live a long and healthy life! Its the ones who went to extreme and blew up over 300 pounds like Nasser, Greg Kovacs, and recently Dallas MacCarver and Rich Piana. They are the ones that died because of being too big and taking crazy amounts of juice!

    • People keep mentioning the 300+ lbs. Thing being a factor. I don’t think it’s even that. It’s the steroid stacks! Dallas Mcgarver’s autopsy showed a number of problems with his internal organs. Not just heart problems. Taking testosterone is one thing… but when people start taking horse steroids, human growth hormone, and other drugs it’s hard on your body. I’m 300lbs. I don’t take drugs though. I don’t think it’s worth the risk


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