With only a few days left – we check in on the latest training updates from the top Olympia 2019 competitors.

It’s hard to believe that we are only a few days away from Mr. Olympia 2019. While Thursday kicks off the proceedings with a press conference and meet and greet, Friday will be the first day of seeing the competitors on stage fighting for the top prize at the biggest competition in the world. These final days are crucial and any insight we can get leading up to the finals will help enlighten us as to what to expect on stage.

That’s why Fazi Fitness has put together this compilation video showcasing the latest training updates posted by the top athletes qualified to compete at this weekend’s Olympia 2019. These are the final training days before completely drying out, tanning up, and going into competition and posing mode. Everything is on the line and nothing is guaranteed as there are a lot of shake ups in the divisions – including no returning champion for both Men’s Open and Men’s 212 bodybuilding divisions.

No matter what happens – there will be a new champion in these two spots. But who exactly will it be? Check out the video above and make your guesses before checking them out on stage this weekend!

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