An inside look into the off season life of Brandon Curry between training in Kuwait.

Brandon Curry is a bodybuilder with one hell of a story and an even more exciting physique transformation over the past few years. There was a time when Brandon was so down and out that he thought a career in pro bodybuilding wouldn’t work out… and then he put all of his focus onto one last push. He moved to Kuwait to train with the Camel Crew in Oxygen Gym. He transfixed himself onto bodybuilding like never before. And ultimately transformed his physique into what is now a top 5 Olympia contender.

But all decisions have a cost. For Brandon Curry, his focus on succeeding in pro bodybuilding came in direct conflict with his family. He has a wife and four kids – so moving off to Kuwait for large chunks of the year means he can’t be there with his family.

That’s where Offseason With The Currys comes into play. Following Brandon Curry as he returns home from Kuwait to be with his family, this new original digital series explores the other side of professional bodybuilding life. The personal side where Brandon and his family make every moment count so that he could live his dream as a top pro bodybuilder while also maintaining the loving family life that is so important to him.

Offseason With The Currys shows a whole different kind of hard work and sacrifice. It shows the emotional support, effort, and struggles that all pro bodybuilders and family men must balance in order to not only be a successful bodybuilder – but lead a happy and successful life.

Check out the trailer above! Offseason With The Currys premieres on Tuesday, November 27, 2018! Only right here on the Generation Iron Fitness Network!