Victor Martinez refuses to give up and plans to compete soon.

Victor Martinez had one hell of a rollercoaster ride for his bodybuilding career. Reaching his peak as a pro bodybuilder in 2007 when he almost won the Mr. Olympia title agains Jay Cuter – personal matters took Victor in and out of being able to train and compete – and he has since never been able to recapture the near-perfect aesthetics of his 2007 physique.

While Victor has yet to regain his true potential – that hasn’t stopped him from being one of the hardest working and active bodybuilders currently in the pro circuit. As the old guard starts to bow out and the new generation comes into its own, Victor Martinez is far from done yet.

In this video compiled by Fazi Fitness, we see Victor Martinez’s latest physique. While his size is lower than his prime years, his aesthetic is still on point and he plans on competing again soon in 2019. Check it out above!

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