Shawn Rhoden masters the Jay Cutler walk… then Jay Cutler responds.

We are in the middle of the bodybuilding season – and as such most updates from athletes are normally training videos showcasing how focused they are towards their goal and the improvements they are slowly making throughout the year. This kind of access is amazing due to the internet age as we can nearly follow our favorite athletes in real time as they progress.

But it also gives us moments of levity and inside look into the leisure side of a pro bodybuilder’s life. It’s easy to forget that these pro athletes are people as most updates are focuses on the work. So it’s nice to see a pro take a moment to be goofy and make the fans laugh.

That’s exactly what Shawn Rhoden did this past week – showing off how he has mastered imitating Jay Cutler – specifically his walk. The best part is that Jay Cutler must have seen it as this compilation video, put together by Fazi Fitness, also show’s Jay’s reaction to the imitation. You can check it all out in the video above!

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