Ric Drasin reflects on the popular restaurants that Golden Era bodybuilders would frequent.

These days there are hundreds of options for eating out or on the go. Websites like Seamless or Uber Eats allow dozens of restaurants to deliver straight to your door. There are more food chains than ever before. And the emphasis on diverse and healthy meals has become more popular than ever with restaurants in each passing year. This is perfect for bodybuilders who need to have specific diets. But what about back in the Golden Era of bodybuilding? With so much less emphasis on food options and healthy eating in restaurants… where did the pros go to get the right stuff?

Rich Drasin‘s latest video dives into the oral history of where the legendary pros used to eat to fit their bodybuilding diets and shares some fun stories along the way. As usual, the historical musings of Ric Drasin are a pleasure to listen to – bringing a personal touch to the history of bodybuilding like no other source. Check it out above!

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