Would you say this is accurate?

People often talk about the “steroid epidemic” in the bodybuilding industry but this usually boils down to health and political debates. What many non-athletes or bodybuilders might not know is exactly what it’s like to be around someone who uses steroids regularly. That’s where this video comes in – trying to depict what it’s like to date a steroid user.

Check it out above and share your thoughts!

(Courtesy: Sky News)



  1. They should make steroids legal in the US as it is in the rest of the free world. Done properly there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. Legal pot but not testosterone which our bodies already produce. Makes no sense.

  2. Just to get big? That’s ignorant of you don’t plan to go pro don’t plan to make a career with it then why the hell start? Do you know once your on long enough you’ll have to continue later down the road due to natural test being shut off? Do you realize it won’t get cheaper? Are you doing it just to get big and be bigger than others? That’s so ignorant there are guys I’ve seen massive that are natural GENETICS play a huge part in all for if you wanna use gear but use it for the right damn reason

  3. We live in a instant false economy. And that narcissistic tendency is what will send you six feet under. Even in the clip you can tell from his gf body language she’s not happy. He loves himself more than he loves her. Roid users are snappy and dangerous when then can’t control their anger. The worse case is that they are thickening their heart muscles which will force it to give our eventually. Bad bad idea

  4. Low T centers for the win. On 200 test a week and never felt better (I have hormone issues and was super low without it so 200 a week works for me). Gains and fat loss in the gym have never been better.

  5. Why don’t we just stop talking about it at all, let the pros keep claiming natty and not be bad examples for kids or lose supplement endorsements… Those really were the good days. Maybe we had it better that way..


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