Drink. Drunk. Deadlifts.

It’s the holiday season, which means cheer, gifts, food, and most importantly – alcohol. Nothing quite gets us into the spirit than a warm bottle of spirits. But just like all the beer commercials say at the end, you need to “drink responsibly.”

These lifters didn’t get the memo (or just doesn’t care). Instead they¬†decided to drink some whisky and pound out some deadlifts. Now getting drunk and lifting heavy weight is probably not the best idea – yet this video is very interesting because it is also very informative overall. Yes they are enjoying some nice celebratory¬†whisky in between sets… but they are also going in depth with a narration helping to share tips and techniques to up your deadlift game.

So do yourself a favor and crack open a nice bottle of whisky, drink along, and watch this deadlifting video. The perfect holiday viewing for a bodybuilder.

GI Team
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