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Chris Bumstead’s insane showing at the Olympia 2017 shows signs of what the future holds.

While there were many following him on the internet leading up to the Mr. Olympia 2017 expecting great things… there were still very many people who didn’t see Chris Bumstead coming. He essentially just exploded onto the Olympia stage with a physique that left everyone’s jaw dropped. And while he did not land the first place spot – Chris Bumstead might be an example of what the future holds for Classic Physique. The kind of otherworldly look that many love about the Men’s Open division but without the over the top mass and reoccurring bubble guts. Chris Bumstead might just be the future of the Classic Physique division… and maybe even the future of bodybuilding a as a whole.

At least that’s what KENNY K.O. argues in his latest video. Check out his breakdown above and let us know what you think? Can Chris Bumstead change the game for the industry? Or is this all overrated hype that will die down in coming years?

You can also check out Kenny K.O.’s YouTube channel for more videos right here.