Shawn Rhoden is back in the gym – training as if he were to still compete at the Olympia 2019.

Okay everyone, it’s speculation time. As most of you already know, officially Shawn Rhoden is unable to compete at the Mr. Olympia 2019 at this time. This is due to very serious allegations of sexual abuse held against him. At this point, no court case has proven him innocent or guilty – but in the meantime he has been stripped of his ability to compete in the Mr. Olympia until proven innocent.

Yet now that Shawn Rhoden has posted bail and made an official statement on Instagram – he has gotten back into the swing of posting on his social media accounts. And what do we see? Flexatron is back in the gym and training just as hard as ever. Specifically stating in a recent post that he is “still in prep mode.” You can check it out below:

So what does this mean? As Shawn has stated in his official post on the allegations against him, he claims to be innocent. So of course, he is back in the gym and training as if he were innocent. It appears as if he is training with the hopes that the decision to ban him from this year’s Mr. Olympia will be reversed. If between now and September it is reversed… well he wants to be ready so he can win the Mr. Olympia again.

Content partner Williams Fitness has posted a video breaking down all of Shawn’s recent posts and Instagram stories – trying to explore just how confident Shawn is that he will be competing this year… and if perhaps he knows something that hasn’t been made public yet about his status at this years Mr. Olympia. Check it out above!

You can also take a deeper dive into the life of Shawn Rhoden in the new feature documentary, Flexatron: Becoming Shawn Rhoden – which is available now on all digital platforms right here.

If you like what you see, make sure to subscribe to Williams Fitness’ official YouTube channel right here.


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