William Bonac shares his mindset having no coach one day before competing at Olympia 2019.

William Bonac made headlines earlier this year when he announced he would be leaving his coach Neil Hill. He had many reasons explained for why he left Neil Hill but his main point was the feeling of getting ripped off. This discourse led to a lot of debates among his peers, fans, and the bodybuilding media. But at the end of the day the big question was about timing. With no coach so close to competing at Olympia 2019, would his chances to win be diminished?

Now just one day before competing at the Olympia, William Bonac had a moment to share his thoughts and mindset sans coach at the Olympia 2019 press conference. He claims that he has been training and is at the Olympia with his friends and believes that they have continued to push him and steer him in the right direction.

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