William Bonac is now the Arnold Classic champion. Mr. Olympia is next.

William Bonac has been a frontrunner at major bodybuilding competitions for quite sometime. With every year he improved little by little – constantly showing us that he knew how to take criticism and rise up with each passing year. His hard work has finally paid off, rising above Dexter Jackson and landing first place at the Arnold Classic 2018. Now he has his sights on Mr. Olympia. Will he be able to take down mass monsters like Phil Heath and Big Ramy? Watch his post Arnold Classic interview just moments after his win above!



    • cedric was way to soft like always, if dexter didnt have stomach issues in pre judging i bet he would have won,Dexter was in killer shape, bodybuilding isn’t about if you like someone its about who brings the best package, cedric would be mr.o but he can’t get it together, im a fan of cedric , and i don’t think bonac is to small , you couldnt pack anymore muscle on his frame, everyone says bigger,bigger,bigger but the second a gut shows up they slam the hate hammer, cant have it both ways

    • He was better than both of them on the day. Dexter is usually so consistent but that distended gut was ugly and so not like him. Cedric has a shape that is the future of this competition but he looked blocky and thick around the waist and not as striated as he normally is. It was Bonac’s day.


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