Truly massive before ever hitting pro.

The term mass monster has grown ever important in the modern world of bodybuilding. The fans want their pro bodybuilders to be HUGE and keep pushing the boundary of what the human body can achieve.

So it’s very shocking then to see this true mass monster of a man – who has yet to even become a pro bodybuilder. Still an amateur – this bodybuilder is a beast. While still far from having the aesthetics and muscle maturity to be a champion… it’s impossible to deny that he just might be the most massive amateur bodybuilder on the planet. Check him out in the video above.

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  1. Well, definitely not natty. Looks loaded with a bit of synth in places. Some poses show a huge lack in chest and lats………compared to the rest of him. I agree, some of these Generation Iron articles are becoming a bit WWE ish without the entertainment

  2. Now you guys are just being assholes…. And look, it worked! 100 comments and counting already about how full of shyt your bogus article is. What’s insane to me, is their are actually people that look to you for real, legitimate bodybuilding info. But most of what they get is fake nattys, fat jock douches fist fighting, and how to inject synthol… GI, you suck so freaking bad, I literally can’t delete and unfollow you…

  3. Early 2000 I knew a guy who used to sell GEAR and he would tell people how to use the stuff. So Im gonna say he was a user. He was getting ready for a Natural show. I said how u gonna do that. I believe he said u have to be clean for so many months. . Ridiculous reasoning. You think.

  4. I wish this page would stop posting pics or articles of guys saying their “natty” when you know for god damn sure they are taking growth and insulin. I’m not commenting ANY hate here bc I still respect these guys but tell the truth!

  5. LOL. NATTY, are you kidding me. Just because you come off your massive cycle in time to pass a drug test does NOT make you natural. A true Natural is someone who has never poked themselves with a PED, or even taken a prohormone.

  6. Come on Jabroni. If you want to be taken seriously every time you post, and now that you have Shawn Ray on board, who has been excellent since coming on board, and provides credibility, then stop posting complete frog shit like this.

  7. There is a HUGE difference between being an amateur and being Natty why the fuck did you post this with that caption, i’m honestly curious as to how far the body can build naturally, this guy is impressive but far from natural


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