Could this win the award for worst posing routine?

Don’t get us wrong – anyone who stands up on stage to be judged by judges AND fans has a lot of guts. These guys are putting themselves out there under hot lights, cameras, and hundreds of people. So we could forgive small mistakes or blunders (or at least we should). But sometimes a bodybuilding posing routine comes along that is so strange and absurd it’s hard to ignore just how bad it is.

Last night there was a major blunder at the Oscars that has sparked headlines and memes. It will surely be a remembered moment in Oscar history. ┬áSo it’s fitting then that this throwback bodybuilding routine might be one of the biggest bodybuilding blunders we’ve ever seen. Some things just go so bad they will be remembered forever. What what do you think? Is this the worst bodybuilding posing routine of all time?




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