YouTube is cracking down on how monetization works… and it’s hurting independent bodybuilding channels.

Maybe you have heard of this, maybe you haven’t – but YouTube is changing some of it’s policies regarding monetizing videos and it’s hurting bodybuilding channels. Most likely this is because of the steroid and drug use/talk in the sport and in the videos. And yes, there must certainly be some channels that push the limit too much for any platform… but many legitimate channels who are simply passionate about the realities of the sport are being punished. So how bad is it? The video above by Massive Iron – Steve Shaw goes into detail about who has been affected so far and how this might continue to spread. He also breaks down how YouTube bodybuilders can prevent this from happening. It’s an interesting, and for some, a very important watch. You can check it out above.



  1. Youtube bodybuilding isnt dead, it will always be there. The people who didnt think ahead and used youtube 100% to support thier lifestyle are the one getting hurt. Most bigger channels diversified long ago and youtube is not thier only revenue stream. But no, bodybuilding on you tube isnt dead.

  2. Wants to be bodybuilder without using steroids supplement gainer and muscle boosters will you help me out Kai Greene aka Mr getting it done

  3. maah they accutally do , they shut the biggest (luimarco) down and they flag him for just some random bullshit , than we got nick’s strength channel … ofcourse they flagged rich piana a LOTTTT … i dont get why they dont do shit on tony huges channel , couse he talks about roids all the god damn time … anywayy , they do try to kill bodybuilding in youtube !! thats a fact …

  4. YouTube is killing every major channel out there, not just the fitness/bodybuilding channels. YouTubes guidelines have just gotten stupid, e.g. they don’t like people to swear in their videos, talk about steroids or anything along those lines and if they do go against any guidelines then their videos and channel will get demonitized

  5. the same way youtube demonetized firearm channels and channels that challenge main stream liberal politics So i’m not surprised that youtube is going after body building and powerlifting channels as well

  6. I dont mind it a lot of you tube fake natties are there for the money and do all kind of crazy stuff for views, now that there is not much money in it then the money hungry ones will go away and the ones who have a fitness channel because they love the sport will stay.

  7. Yes, because you should get into it with the expectation ypur getting paid. Youtube isnt killing bodybuilding, it will be fine. People who make content because they love the sport will be fine. Its the quick buck folks that suffer and good riddance. Too many channels that are only about dogging the industry and participants. Stop expecting to become a millionaire off youtube.


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