Generation Iron Branch Warren Defeats Jay Cutler

An early victory that may seem surprising today.

Branch Warren and Jay Cutler are both veterans of the sport of bodybuilding. Both men have made their way onto the Olympia stage countless times and have placed in the top 10 on many different occasions. Jay Cutler of course has won the title of Mr. Olympia on four separate occasions and is the only man to have regained the title after being defeated by Dexter Jackson. Branch Warren is a three time Arnold Classic winner and is a perennial contender for the Mr. Olympia title.

Both Cutler and Warren have competed against each other on the Olympia stage, having a number of pose downs which ended for the most part in Jay’s favor. Despite their records on the pro stage however, a very different story was at play years before hitting the pro level. Both Branch and Jay have met before and the end result wasn’t as expected.

Despite all the hype and the talk surrounding Jay Cutler, hype that he lived up to in the end, Branch Warren proved to be the better man on this occasion and showed why he would become the bodybuilder he is today. It’s a rivalry that many have never talked about or considered, but both Jay and Branch had their share of face offs and had proved that the sport is always evolving and no one can ever be counted out.

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