Generation Iron recap 8/15/14 Kai GreeneA look back at the week of 8/15/14.

Well, another week has gone by – which means it’s time to kick Friday’s ass with a recap of everything Generation Iron and bodybuilding! We don’t want to waste your time, so let’s check out the list:

1. Top 10 Workout Songs

We asked around the Generation Iron office and pulled together what we consider to be the top 10 best workout songs for your gym mix. We tried to mix it up a little bit so that different genres of music were represented – but the end goal is for music that pumps you up.

2. Best Gyms in America

Everyone has their favorite place to work out. A perfect combination of attitude, equipment, and location. But here at Generation Iron we aren’t limited by location – so we put together our favorite gyms in all the USA. Who knows, if one is near you – maybe you could check it out!

3. Steroids & Bodybuilding

Let’s face the facts. Steroids have been and always will be a big part of bodybuilding at the pro level. The real question isn’t “why is it not banned?” but should be, “why isn’t it part of the conversation?” In this article we talk about how, for the sport of pro bodybuilding to be taken even more seriously, it needs to start embracing this aspect of the sport.

4. Embarrassing Gym Moments

Even the best have awkward moments of embarrassment – and when you spend as much time in the gym as bodybuilders do, you probably have had a couple of embarrassing moments while working out. We throw together a list of some top gym blunders and how to recover from them.

5. Steve Reeves Workout

Steve Reeves was often considered a man of perfect proportion. While he wasn’t anywhere near as large as some of his contemporaries – he had one many would consider the “classic” bodybuilding look. We break down his old school routine to see if it stacks up for your workout.

6. Protein Snack: Lean Beef Recipe

Looking for something to add to your bodybuilding diet? Look no further! We did a little research and pulled up a lean beef stir fry that would be a fantastic source of protein for your workout needs.

7. Ben Pakulski Cardio Workout

Get some cardio into your workout the B-Pak way. What way is that? Why, by pushing your car uphill in a parking lot of course! Ben Pakulski recently posted a video showing his favorite way to build muscle and push cardio at the same time.

8. Protein 101

Protein is the keystone for any bodybuilding diet. But there are also a few misconceptions on how to effectively implement it into your diet. We explore the basics of protein and put it all into one place so you can easily get a refresher – or a crash course – in what it takes to build muscle through protein.

9. Bodybuilder Helps Elderly

Martin Luther King Addo is a bodybuilder from West Africa who moved to the state to try and be just like Arnold Schwarzenegger. While he may have never reached Schwarzenegger level of stardom – he has made a big impact to the NYC community. How? He provides bodybuilding motivation and training for the elderly. You can read all about how he changes there seniors’ lives right here!

10. Kai Greene Guest Pose

Kai Green officially announced through his Facebook and Instagram that he will be guest posing at the East Coast classic in November. Exciting news for everyone on the east coast who want to catch a glimpse of The Predator’s body in person.


Well that about does it for this week. But we always have a ton more to offer you every day! So follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get all the updates for bodybuilding fitness and entertainment. Stay pumped!

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