Generation Iron, Week Recap, BodybuildingA look back at the week of 7/28/14.

Happy Friday GI Nation! Just a few more hours and the weekend will be upon us, which means more time to pump up at the gym – but also more time to rest and catch up on some free time. We want you to get the maximum amount of enjoyment possible, so we put together everything that happened this week on the blog so you can catch up in one easy place. Read on and get pumped!

1. Arnold’s Old School Workout

We got excited for Arnold’s birthday a little early this week and decided to celebrate by posting up one of Arnold’s classic workout routines. This is not a workout for the faint of heart but if you want to take a look at exercises that turned Arnold into a legend, check it out.

2. USA Bodybuilding Championships Winners

The NPC USA Championships went down last weekend. We put together the list of top winners from the competition just in case you want a quick recap.

3. Train With Kai Greene

Kai Greene announced this week that two lucky fans can win a chance to train one on one with Kai himself! Anyone who attends Kai’s “Believe” Seminar will automatically be entered into the chance to win this coveted prize. Good luck to everyone attending!

4. Top 5 Physiques of All Time

Some pros are called legends because they stand the test of time. No matter how much time has passed, certain names will be remembered forever. Names like Schwarzenegger and Coleman. We tried our best to put together the top 5 best physiques in bodybuilding. Check out the full list and let us know what you think!

5. Bully Victim to Teen Bodybuilder

News broke this week about Nixlot Dameus, a 16 year old who used bodybuilding to transform his life from being the victim of high school bullying into a respected individual who has started his own workout camp to help inspire other teens. Definitely read the full story if you want to feel proud about being a bodybuilder.

6. Schwarzenegger: A Look Back

In honor of Arnold’s birthday we gave a quick history lesson on the life of one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. There’s some interesting little facts that you might not know – so take a quick read and brush up on your Arnold knowledge.

7. Nutrition Without the Meat.

One of our guest contributors, Maxine Presto, gave us a few tips on how to still bulk out with a plant-based diet. A great alternative to the traditional meals that most bodybuilders use today.

8. BBQ’s and Abs Can Mix

Geo stopped by the GI Nation again yesterday to give us a few tips on how to enjoy all those tempting summer bad habits while still maintaining that physique you’ve been working towards.

9. Work Out Partners For Life

Work out partners are an important aspect of bodybuilding motivation for many of us. But finding the perfect partner isn’t always the easiest thing to do. So we decided to throw you a few general attributes of what it takes to be a great workout partner. Hope it helps!


That about sums up the last week of July. A lot of exciting things happened this week – but who knows what’s in store for next week. We here at Generation Iron can’t help get pumped! Enjoy the weekend and keep lifting!

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