Generation Iron Week RecapA look back at the week of 8/8/14.

Welcome back Generation Iron fans! These weeks sure seem to fly by fast. It’s Friday already! Which means another recap of all the bodybuilding and fitness news and events from the GI Nation! So enough banter, let’s take a look back!

1. The Hangover Workout

Look, sometimes it’s fun to let loose on the weekend. A few drinks turns into a lot of drinks and suddenly you find yourself a little more tipsy than expected. The next morning your head hurts and your nauseas – but that doesn’t mean you have an excuse to skip your workout. Actually, there’s some facts that reveal working out can relieve those hangover pains. We break down all of the benefits for you right here.

2. We Debunk Those Bodybuilder Stereotypes

While Pumping Iron and Generation Iron have done a lot to bring bodybuilding into the mainstream – it is still and often misunderstood sport. Bodybuilders are often generalized as unintelligent and violent people. We know this isn’t the case and shed some light onto the truth behind these misused stereotypes.

3. Branch Warren Back-Blaster

Branch Warren opened up about the workout routine he uses for his back. What better way to bulk up like the pros than to use the exercises that they do. This back routine is a great way to incorporate something new into your current workout regiment.

4. Some Muscles are Harder Than Others

Everyone has that one muscle set that is harder to build than others. While genetics plays a large role in this, there are some muscle groups that are just more challenging for everyone. We break those muscles down and provide some helpful tips to increase muscle gain.

5. Carbs Vs. Muscles

Carbohydrates are often discussed in the mainstream when trying to lose weight – but things are very different for bodybuilders. We break down all of the basics about carbohydrates and offer some advice on how to incorporate carbs into your weekly diet.

6. Jim Manion Talks about Generation Iron

We searched deep into the Generation Iron vault and pulled out an exclusive interview with IFBB Pro President Jim Manion. He gives some personal insight into the rivalry between Kai Green and Phil Heath as well as how the sport of bodybuilding has changed over the years.

7. Learn Proper Manners in the Gym

Guest contributor Geo Chang gives us a nice set of rules for gym etiquette 101. Nobody wants to be “that guy” at the gym – so read over these helpful guidelines so that everyone’s experience is enjoyable.

8. Teen Bodybuilder Nixlot Shares His Thoughts

Nixlot Dameus, the teen who turned to bodybuilding in order to prevent bullying, stopped by Generation Iron to give a personal message to everyone out there who feels picked on. It’s great message about inner strength, brotherhood, and making a change.

9. The Big Tampa Pro 2014

We’ve done some preview coverage of the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding championships. You can find the schedule of events, list of competitors, and our personal predictions to hype you up about the results that will be coming out soon.

10. Phil Heath’s Nutrition Prep

Phil Heath spoke with our pals over at Flex Online and shared his daily nutrition schedule. This is personal advice straight from The Gift himself – so make sure to check it out!


And that about closes out the week here at Generation Iron. Make sure to check back with us tomorrow for more exciting news and bodybuilding entertainment! You can always follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get up-to-date information.

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