Wesley Vissers: The Hardest Part About Being A Pro Bodybuilder

Wesley Vissers explains the single most challenging part about being a pro bodybuilder.

To be a pro bodybuilder, or any kind of pro athlete really, requires great sacrifice and hard work. No one says that it’s easy. But the passion and desire behind the sport is what drives these athletes to be great. There’s no question that many factors of bodybuilding are challenging compared to a “regular” person’s lifestyle. But what is the absolute hardest part of bodybuilding above all else? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Wesley Vissers details the hardest part of pro bodybuilding.

Training until your limbs feel like they are falling off is challenging. Eating a strict diet to build massive muscle while also staying lean is challenging. Standing under the hot lights and posing dehydrated for minutes at a time is challenging. These are all things every single pro bodybuilder in the Olympia Classic Physique Division needs to do to become successful. But what is the single hardest part of pro bodybuilding?

That’s the question we asked Wesley Vissers during our video interview. Each person’s answer is likely different – but for Wesley the answer came very easily to him. Wesley Vissers believes the hardest part of bodybuilding is the all-consuming daily investment required to succeed.

Wesley Vissers admits that he loves every second of it. But it’s a lifestyle that is much better suited to being alone. Vissers has a wife and a child. He has a life outside of his passion in bodybuilding. That life is constantly at odds with the daily demand required to be a pro bodybuilder.

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You’ve likely often heard of what a bodybuilder’s mood is like in the final weeks leading u to a show. They become moody and isolated. Due to how strict and grueling contest prep becomes – it’s hard to have any sort of normal social life. You can’t just simply go out to dinner. You can hang out and have a drink with friends. You barely have enough energy to stand let alone be engaged with another person fully.

Some bodybuilders deal with this by being alone. Some have admitted that they are hard or impossible to be around when prepping for a show. Others find support in a family and friends that understand the toll contest prep takes – and are able to stand by and not take it personally.

Regardless of what situation a person has – the complete dedication required by pro bodybuilding leaves little room for anything else. It’s quite possible to be passionate about more than one thing your life. Bodybuilding makes it hard to be passionate about anything else. It simply commands too much mental energy and hours of the day.

This is the constant push and pull pro bodybuilders like Wesley Vissers need to deal with. It’s hard on Wesley due to his passion for his wife and child. It’s hard when you need to make a choice between pro bodybuilding and family.

That doesn’t mean it’s doomed to fail. It just requires even more mental energy and effort on all parties. For Vissers, it seems to work. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging. It’s the hardest part for him.

You can watch Wesley Vissers go into more detail by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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