Wesley Vissers’ New Pose Shows Off Crazy Definition and Creativity

Wesley Vissers’ creativity could take him far.

If you haven’t been paying attention, Wesley Vissers has been rising through the ranks of the IFBB, showcasing that he is more than just a fitness YouTuber. While some may have doubted the young man’s abilities to not only turn pro, but actually become a contender, the proof is in the pudding and Wesley Vissers has already shown the kind of incredible potential to take his hard work and translate it seamlessly to the stage.

After taking a hard earned victory at the Chicago Pro, Wesley Vissers is proving to be an up and comer that his fellow Classic Physique competitors should keep an eye on. Vissers does indeed have an uphill battle ahead of him. He’ll have to contend with champion Breon Ansley, Chris Bumstead, Arash Rahbar, and many other talented athletes in his division. Yet, despite that harrowing fact, Vissers could bring something to the table that can help improve his standings.


Wesley Vissers has always been an advocate for classic bodybuilding and as such has adopted the artistic mindset into his game. This has led him to being extremely creative in his posing and has actually pushed him to experiment with poses that may be unconventional. This could give him an edge heading into the Olympia.

The post below showcases Vissers’ creativity and why he could be a real threat in the Classic Physique division.

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