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What if.

When it comes to representing bodybuilding as an art form in the modern era, there’s no way that you can’t mention Kai Greene. He has proven time and again that he is one of the best posers to ever hit a bodybuilding stage and despite never winning the top spot at the Olympia competition, he has proven himself to be a worthy adversary to current champ Phil Heath. But now the bodybuilding world received startling news that Kai Greene will NOT compete at this year’s Mr. Olympia. And that’s a damn shame for many reasons – but most of all because Kai looks like he was in the best conditioning of his life.

Recently Kai has been posting videos and pics of himself in the best shape we’ve ever seen him in. He’s looking massive, shredded, and conditioned. Despite not beating Phil, Kai has remained his confident and introspective self while still making improvements on his physical form. If this Instagram pic is any indication, Kai seemed ready to truly take down The Gift in one final push.


Unfortunately, now all we can do is play a game of “what if.” Without Kai Greene competing this year, it will leave a constant ringing question in everyone’s ears. Could this have been the year he actually took down Phil Heath? We’ll never know – but his latest pictures revealing his physique can give us a lot to talk about. Check it out:

During our @DynamikMuscle photo shoot today. We sat down for a so to speak unscheduled interview… Nonetheless we entertained the conversation in good faith. First question.. in a Candid smirking demeanor.. So Kai tell us.. Why the mask… Don’t you find it and excuse my tone, but a little weird.. With a warm yet very definitive response, Absolutely not.. Do you think you’re wearing a mask… “We asked the interviewer…” Because I sure am wearing one right now.. “We both Are” It’s a sad thought. … sometimes I wonder about the alternative.. Imagine if we had no secrets… no respite from the truth.. What if everything was laid bare in the moment we introduced ourselves.. “What if..” #KaiGreene www.dynamikmuscle.com

A photo posted by Kai Greene (@officialkaigreene) on

Could Kai Greene defeat Phil Heath in his current condition? Let us know in the comments and forums. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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