Generation Iron Kai Greene Mr. Olympia 2015

If only.

Now that the 2015 Mr. Olympia competition is in the books, there still seems to be some lingering questions left over from the event. the big show was pretty impressive with some truly shocking moments, including Big Ramy being the first man to compete at over 300 lbs at an Olympia event; Dexter Jackson taking second place; and Phil Heath winning his fifth Sandow in a row. Okay, maybe that last one wasn’t too surprising, but the event still held the same amount of spectacle as it usually does.

Despite all that, the fact that Kai Greene didn’t compete at the show will be a talking point for years to come. His aura seemed to loom over the event forcing many of us to wonder what things would have been like had he competed this year. When it was revealed that he didn’t sign the contract it left many onlookers wondering what the logistics were behind his decision.

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What we do know is that without Kai’s presence on stage there seemed to be something… missing. Sure, for the most part things played out as business as usual on stage, but after last years controversy it’s hard not to think on how 2015 would’ve turned out with a Phil Heath and Kai Greene showdown. With so much hype leading up to proceedings, with Kai’s pics posted on social media; and Phil deleting his Instagram altogether, it was easy to get excited for another face off.

Kai Greene 3 days out from Mr. Olympia

Generation Iron Kai Greene 2015


Phil Heath just after Mr. Olympia 2015.

Generation Iron Phil Heath After Olympia 2015

Kai’s pics in particular had a lot of people talking. He was posing a bit different, he looked to be even more shredded as usual, and he seemed like he was preparing to shock the world with an even more impressive physique than last year. You have to wonder how well he would’ve stacked up to the competition this year. If Dexter Jackson’s impressive placing taught us anything, it’s that you never can count anyone out in this game. Kai could have very well brought a package that surpassed Phil this year and it’s something that supporters and detractors of both men will be talking about in years to come. Especially when you consider that Phil seemed slightly flat on the final night. Not flat enough to lose out against the competition… but maybe enough to lose out to Kai Greene.

Kai has yet to place first in an Olympia competition and while many will say that this year would be no different, it can’t be said with confidence. The reason people tune into this sport is to see if an athlete can make the changes that are necessary to make the impossible possible. It’s why we love the Kai and Phil rivalry to begin with. Either you’re looking for the favorite to remain champion and prove he’s the best in the world or you’re routing for the underdog who has the potential to pull an upset. We were missing that at this year’s show and it could have very well been Kai’s time to shine. But in the end he didn’t compete and you can’t win if you’re not on stage.

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