Phil Header ExperimentFitness. Attitude. Lifestyle.

These three words may seem simple on the surface but Generation Iron understands that fitness is about more than the reps and sets you do in the gym. Generation Iron is a true movement for all fitness enthusiasts.

The GI Movement is people joining together to bring the sport of bodybuilding, weightlifting, and all things fitness out of the shadows and into the public eye with pride, attitude, and style in all aspects of life – not just the gym. This new generation is proud of all the hard work and dedication they put in every day and yet the world of strength and fitness can often be under appreciated and misunderstood.

The GI Movement is proof that we are all united. It says that we are all stepping forward, committing ourselves to more fitness; being proud of ourselves; and looking good at the same time. Not just at the gym, not just in sport, but everywhere. A whole new perspective that illustrates the mindset and lifestyle of fitness enthusiasts. No matter the type of fitness, we are all trying to sculpt our mind, body, and soul.

Fitness. Attitude. Lifestyle. This says: we are addicted to fitness, born with intensity, and have no other choice but to transform our body – to reach the highest point and then beyond.

Who’s coming with us?

We’d love to hear what the GI Movement means to you. Share your stories with us in the comment section below. This is a place where the fitness community can gather as one – so don’t be shy! You can also follow us on Twitter: @GI_Athletics

The GI Team is here to provide top news and original content for the new generation. The generation of bodybuilders who are pushing the sport to bigger and better places. Join The Movement. Become a part of Generation Iron!