Roelly Winklaar could be a dark horse in the Olympia race.

This past weekend saw Roelly Winklaar crowned as the 2018 Arnold Classic Australia champion, beating out the likes of Open Weight standouts Dexter Jackson and William Bonac. The win was the first for Winklaar at an Arnold Classic event and is perhaps even more shocking due to his upset of both Jackson and Bonac, both of whom were the placed first and second at the Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio.

This win is nothing to scoff at, especially when you consider the fact that Roelly Winklaar had struggled in the past to break into the top 5 at the Olympia. To not only win the Arnold Classic Australia, but do so over two top perennial Olympia contenders speaks volumes for the amount of work Winklaar has been putting into his training and dieting.

So what exactly does this win mean for the future of the the Open Weight division?

Once again we find ourselves with a newly crowned Arnold champion, one who has overcome opposition once thought to be out of his reach to defeat. The win will no doubt boost Winklaar’s confidence and give him the window he needs to potentially break into the top 5 at the 2018 Olympia. With William Bonac and Dexter Jackson coming in third and fourth place at the Olympia respectively, a win over them could potentially mean great things for Roelly Winklaar moving forward. He obviously has the genetics and the abilities to overcome almost any foe and this win will only catapult his confidence into a new stratosphere.

For now, Roelly Winklaar can take the approval from Arnold Schwarzenegger to the bank.

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Do you think Roelly Winklaar will challenge for the top three spot at the 2018 Olympia?

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  1. Well, the top 2 guys aren’t there. Also, a healthy Dex and Arnold Classic Bonac can place ahead of Roelly as well. I see him in the 5th spot, behind Dex or Rhoden.


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