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The Rock training traps hardcore in the gym.

For most endeavors, sporting or otherwise, there’s a time to take a break, to relax and recharge the batteries in the off season. For bodybuilding, no such time exists. There’s no taking a break, there’s no time off. If you hope to get the body you desire, with developed muscle and shredded proportions, then realizing that bodybuilding is a year-round endeavor is going to fast track you to some great success.

You can’t be a bodybuilder, take a three months off and expect to look in great condition once the respite is over with. The off season for a bodybuilder, professional or otherwise, is a time when improvements are being made. Staying strict and dedicated is the key to success in this game and if you want to conquer it then you have be willing to sacrifice the cheat days and the time spent relaxing away from the gym.


Apparently it’s a concept that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson understands well. The former WWE star and budding actor has built up some massive size and impeccable definition after his tenure as a professional wrestler and there’s no doubt that he’s kept with the concept that there’s no off season, no time to take a break.

With Labor Day upon us, The Rock proves exactly what kind of work ethic you need to have in order to make continuous gains.

Labor Day shouldn’t be an excuse to take time away from the gym. Don’t be lazy. Get up off your ass and get into the gym today!

How hard are you going to hit your workout this Labor Day? Let us know in the comments and forums. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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