What Time Of Day Should You Do HIIT For The Best Fat Loss And Muscle Gains?

This how and when you should implemented into your training.

When it comes to building muscle and burning fat the proceedings usually include lifting and cardio. Seems pretty straightforward right? Wrong. While many people may hate doing cardio for fear of muscle loss, it can really bring your physique to the next level. Resistance training is absolutely necessary in order to build muscle. The more muscle you build the less fat you’ll have on your body. But if you’re looking to be absolutely shredded then you’re going to want to throw the cardio in there and the best method for the job is HIIT.

High intensity interval training or HIIT is all the rage these days. Mike Meltzer was a huge advocate of this kind of training because he knew it as one of the best methods of stripping the fat from your body while maintaining and even strengthening muscle. But knowing when to implement HIIT training is just as important as how.

The When

If you’re looking to get the most out of your HIIT workout, and you have the time, then training twice a day is absolutely necessary. The energy systems required during lifting is different than the systems used during high intensity training. More on that later. Performing HIIT cardio in the morning time after a light breakfast can raise the thermogenic effect in the body, means you’ll be burning calories all day.

The How

Sprints are a great high intensity cardio exercise. Rather than running nonstop for thirty minutes, by performing sprints you can get the same results in half the time. This can help immensely I f you have limited time in the mornings.

The Mix Up

But what if you can’t train twice a day? What if your time is so limited that you have to train only after work? Then that means combining both types of methods during the same workout. Since the energy system for HIIT training can effect your muscle growth it’s a good idea to modify your methods if training both one after another. After you’ve finished lifting it’s a good idea to utilize a tweaked form of HIIT training in order to allow your muscle growth to flourish. Loaded energy systems work is the way to go after you’ve finished lifting, 30-60 seconds of intense work utilizing the farmers work, the airdyne fan bike, or the prowler push are some great options. Rest for 30-60 seconds between each set of which you should aim for 6-8.

Is HIIT apart of your routine?

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