Whitney Jones reveals the severity of competing in (and winning) the Fitness Olympia 2021 with a broken leg.

Whitney Jones is a 3x Fitness Olympia champion – solidifying her third win at the Olympia 2021 this past year. It was a triumphant moment after falling to third place in 2020. She proved that her reign as an Olympia champion was not over. But her victory in 2021 is even more astounding upon the reveal that she competed with a broken leg. This information was not revealed until after she had already won the show. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Whitney Jones goes into detail about her broken leg, the severity of the injury, and how she was able to still win the Fitness Olympia 2021.

As anyone who follows competitive bodybuilding knows, the Fitness division is quite different than any other bodybuilding category. This is because it includes a Fitness performance routine. This routine, unlike usual bodybuilding posing, involves gymnastic movements and feats of strength – mixed with a sort of dance energy. It’s impressive to watch on display – and requires serious commitment, planning, and practice to achieve standout success.

As any Fitness competitor or gymnast will also know, these movements can be complicated and dangerous. It opens up the door to a wider array of injuries. Unfortunately for Whitney Jones, she faced once such injury during practice just three days before the Olympia 2021. Training in a new space on her final days of prep, Jones was unfamiliar with the space of her new practice space. This caused her to second guess a movement and land on her knee incorrectly. Instantly she felt searing pain and her knew swelled up. Something was seriously wrong.

With the Olympia competition just three days away, she didn’t immediately go to a doctor. Instead she tried to downplay the injury and focus on bringing the swelling and pain down. She mostly succeeded with the swelling – but the pain was no resolving. She feared that perhaps she had torn her ACL. But she refused to lose her chance to win the Fitness Olympia so close to the show.

Yet despite whether or not she wanted to stand down to prevent further injury – she also faced another problem. The pain would make it near impossible for her to complete her Fitness routine. She needed to find a way to bring down the pain. Painkiller pills wouldn’t due. They would make her drowsy and less alert – affecting her routine.

Ultimately, she was lucky enough to know someone who could provide her some sort of injection that temporarily numbed her knee. The risk? That she goes so numb that she can’t feel her leg and it throws off her routine. But it was a risk she was willing to take. She took the stage and put forth her best effort on the routine she spent a full year preparing.

We all know the end to this story. Whitney Jones ended up winning the Fitness Olympia. She later went to the doctor and found out that she had not torn her ACL nor broke her knee – but broke her tibia towards the top right under her knee. Now many months later, she is mostly healed – she didn’t suffer any known additional damage from competing while injured. The risk was worth it.

You can watch Whitney Jones go into full detail about the injury, competing, and winning the Fitness Olympia 2021 in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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