Will Barotti Does Equipped World Record 1105 Lbs Bench Press

Will Barotti shows some superhuman strength with bench press world record.

Powerlifting is all about pushing the limits of human strength. While many powerlifters are content to simply get stronger, there are some competitors who wish to cement their name in history.

While bodybuilders are all amount aesthetics, powerlifters live for strength. If they’re not pushing themselves little by little to grow stronger then many feel like they’re living wrong. Whether you lift equipped or raw, it takes consistency and persistence to achieve greatness in the realm of competitive powerlifting.

With powerlifters the like of Larry Wheels and Julius Maddox, the goal is to become as strong as humanly possible. Julius Maddox who has already established himself as one of the strongest in the world recently failed in his attempt at an unassisted world record bench press. While he may have failed, the attempt alone has inspired many to go after their own goals.

Powerlifter Will Barotti may not have been motivated by Julius Maddox, but he certainly showed the same passion for strength.

Also looking to set a world record, Will Barotti attempted a 1,105 Lbs equipped bench press. Take a look at the attempt below as the powerlifter showcases some otherworldly strength.

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