Arnold Classic 2020: William Bonac Shares Physique Update One Day Out

William Bonac shares a photo of his physique from one day out of competing at the Arnold Classic 2020.

William Bonac is certainly one of the frontrunners to win the Arnold Classic 2020. He’s consistently placed in the top 5 at the Olympia over the past few years and many fans hope to one day see him as a Olympia champion. This year’s lineup for the Arnold Classic just might be the best in over a decade, will Bonac’s threatening physique be able to reach number one? We’ve finally gotten a glimpse of what to expect. William Bonac has shared a photo of his physique just one day out from the Arnold Classic 2020.


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“Here I’m one day out of @arnoldsports 2020. Not dried out yet, what do you think is drying out needed, looking at this [pic] or shall I leave it like this⁉️”

William Bonac shared images of his back on Instagram today claiming the photos were taken one day out from the competition. The Men’s Open division will be competing in the prejudging round later today. Bonac follows up the picture with a question to his fans – should he dry out his physique further or simply leave it as is?

Pictures can never tell the full picture to being live at the competition. But from what we’re seeing here, William Bonac will not disappoint when he steps on stage later today. He has tough competition in the form of Big Ramy and Dexter Jackson also fighting for first place. Perhaps this will be the year that Bonac transforms to the next level and overtakes these stellar competitors.

The Arnold Classic 2020 Men’s Open prejudging is set to begin between 1:30pm and 3:30pm EST. The finals will then begin airing at 7pm. This gives very little time for the competitors to adjust their physique based on the results of the prejudging. So it’s more important than ever for competitors like Bonac to come in on point first thing at the prejudging to maintain an edge.

That being said, a lot has changed in just a few short hours in the past at the Arnold Classic. William Bonac certainly looks on point now, but even if he finds hard fought competition in other pro bodybuilders on the stage – he will have one final chance to adjust leading into Saturday night.

What do you think of William Bonac’s physique? Let us know in the comments and make sure to stick around the Generation Iron Fitness Network for more Arnold Classic 2020 news and bodybuilding updates!

*Header image courtesy of William Bonac’s Instagram

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