Women’s Open Bodybuilding Return To Olympia 2020 Announced

The Women’s Open bodybuilding division will return to the Mr. Olympia next year.

To many, the Women’s Open division had been declining in popularity for the past several years. This was never more clear than when the Mr. Olympia competition dropped the division and the Ms. Olympia title from their lineup after 2014. Overall, there were less competitions that featured the division and it at the very least appeared that this was due to not enough competitors interested in signing up for the events.

There was one exception – the Wings Of Strength competitions continued to champion the Women’s Open bodybuilding division at most if not all of their events and became a home for the remaining passionate Women’s Open competitors that needed a place to step on stage and show their extreme talents.

Well it seems that the “waning” stage of this division has come to an end as it was officially announced in collaboration with Wings Of Strength that the Women’s Open Bodybuilding division would return to the Olympia stage next year in 2020.

This is a huge win for the Women’s Open competitors and fans of the division as it will not only bring back the prestigious trophy to a division full of talented competitors – but it will also bring more attention and recognition to the sport inspiring future competitors to join the division.

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