These workout fails are going to sting a little bit.

TOP WORKOUT FAILS OF THE WEEK – is a weekly digital series highlighting the best (or worst?) workout fails submitted to Generation Iron and GymFuckery. Combining training injuries, ego lifts, extremely bad form, and even worse decisions. This digital greatest hits of workout fails will make you cringe and laugh to wash away to work week. New episodes every Friday.

The old saying goes – no pain, no gain. But there is a fine line between productive pain and just straight up unnecessary pain. And these workout fails fall very squarely in the “necessary pain” department. This week seems to have more brutal fails than usual that will make you cramp up just thinking about how much it must have hurt. Heavy weights and ego lifting do not mix.

This week’s finest workout fails include an equipment failure that ends in a painful crash, a deadlift that gets drawn out and goes horribly wrong, and some squats that fling to the floor just to name a few.

So kick off your weekend right with some laughs in our latest episode of Top Workout Fails Of The Week above!


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