If you needed a little motivation today to hit the gym, look no further.

This epic compilation video of Michael B. Jordan training is inspiring. The variety of exercises can appeal to anyone — the boxing, the weightlifting, flexing, and, of course, smashing cinderblocks with a hammer (classic move) — but what’s really impressive are the results. If you work hard, you get to play hard. And the simple, awe-inspiring truth of this video is that Michael B. Jordan looks the way he looks because he trains the way he trains. Sadly, we might not all be able to be Michael B. Jordan, but we can all do what he’s doing here: put in a 100% at the gym and become our best selves, at least physically.

If you were thinking about quitting or giving up today, this is your sign to not do that. Trust us, watching that video will pump you up and remind you why you’re on this journey in the first place. Fitness isn’t always easy, but the rewards are well worth the effort and self-discipline it takes to cross the finish line.

Check out the video above compiled here by Bodybuilding Priest. You can also subscribe to his official YouTube channel right here for more video updates!

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