Bodybuilding Motivation: It’s better to make a sacrifice than it is to regret never trying.

Even if you don’t get out of it what you put in, trying and failing is always 100% a better option than always regretting that you did nothing. This bodybuilding motivation video from Varyjer Motivation explores exactly that.

Things can be painful and difficult in the gym. There are times when all of us feel like giving up because we’re exhausted, tired, or just feeling “over it” on that particular day. But when we’re fighting that feeling we have to ask ourselves — how are we going to look back on this? The truth is, if you succumb to that urge, you’re giving up on yourself and your fitness dreams. You want to look back on your workouts, and by extension your life, knowing you did everything you could to achieve your dreams. When you push yourself 110% every day, you never have to feel guilt or shame, because you know that you did your best. And even though you make that sacrifice in terms of the pain, sweat, tears and frustration that you fight your way through, at the end of the day it’s worth it. It’s better than regret.

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